Sardinia – May 2013

This was an interesting process for me. I was ill in bed with labyrinthitis when I got an email inviting me to a small performance art festival in Sardinia. Because, as always, they wanted information and images immediately I sent one idea and a few old images hoping it would suffice. When I was finally well I had just over a month to create a work for a small all black studio. So I did what I have never done before which was create the whole thing in my head, no improvisation, no rehearsal, no shopping. I asked if I could visit early so I would have 3 days before the festival started to assess where I was, emotionally as well as culturally and also work technically in the studio. Surprisingly I was pleased with the end result and so was the audience – so now I am very interested in trying it again in some other country that I have never visited before… The title of the performance was I am Island.

Text sent to festival

Isolare / di separare / vicino via / ritirarsi / il taglio via / il nascondiglio / ha regolato a parte / ritira/ il bozzolo / il cuscino / la protezione / avvolge / chiude /vicino via / il limite/ stacca / disinserisce / disimpegna / isola / la quarantena/ toglie / isola / tiene a parte / stacca / la rottura su / protegge / divide / sceglie / la corda via / discrimina / isola / ha indossato uno Lato.

‘Sono l’isola’ – è un assolo una breve prestazione improvvisato creata da Melanie Thompson in risposta al suo invito all’isola di Sardegna ed il festival. Melanie vive in un luogo nell’U.K ha chiamato a volte l’Isola di Avalon e quest’inverno dovuto alle piogge intense che è stato tagliato per un breve mentre dal riposo del paese, quest’esperienza ha iniziato un processo per esplorare la natura di Isole all’interno come pure esteriormente.


Isolate / separate / close off / draw back / cut off / hide / set apart / withdraw/ cocoon / cushion / shield / wrap / block off /close off / confine/detach / disconnect /disengage / insulate / quarantine/ remove /seclude / keep apart / sever / break up / protect/ divide / single out / rope off / discriminate / seclude / put on one side /cloister / withdraw/

‘I am island’ – is a short solo improvised performance created by Melanie Thompson in response to her invitation to the island of Sardinia and the festival. Melanie lives in a place in the U.K sometimes called the Isle of Avalon and this winter due to heavy rains it was cut off for a short while from the rest of the country, this experience initiated a process to explore the nature of Islands internally as well as externally.