Nothing is what it seems to be

Nothing is what it seems to be - Melanie Thompson

A site specific live performance  A homage to the Zig Zag building and photographer Francesca Woodman.  On three consecutive evenings Melanie Thompson and Grace Surma presented an immersive performance on the top floor of the warehouse building in Glastonbury. Composer Joseph Hyde created … Read more


Loss - Melanie Thompson

Loss is an ongoing project started in autumn 2022 where Melanie had a conversation with 165 visitors to her installation at a Somerset contemporary art gallery.

Performing Arts Across

Finished a 3 year project, (November 2017) entitled Performing Arts Across in Denmark exploring the act of collaboration across art disciplines. I was the researcher / documenter. See Facebook page – Performing Arts Across. Here is performing arts across e-book … Read more

bodies of water 2018-2019

Melanie Thompson and Helen Ottaway have been working across multiple arts disciplines all their professional lives. Ten years ago they collaborated on a major public arts project for the bishops Palace in Wells. Now in this reunion the two … Read more

Remembering and Forgetting

Melanie Thompson

Two solo performances Melanie Thompson from the U.K ( interdisciplinary artist) and Bjarne Sandborg from Denmark (director of Refleksion Theatre) have been investigating the nature of the solo performance. Both practitioners have been making work for over 30 years internationally. … Read more

Shaking hands with ghosts

Shaking hands with ghosts

A weeks residency in Dartington Gallery February 2010 When I heard first that Dartington College was closing it’s doors in summer 2010 it seemed like a long way away, then a few months ago I realized it was very soon … Read more

Cut here ……………

Centre of Bowling Green installation

A residency in Portland, Dorset, 17th – 26th September 2010 Part of B-side festival 2010 – 8 min film now on You Tube and Portland is almost an island – cut off from the main land. This work is … Read more

Scaping the Land

Scaping the Land

A series of site specific  interventions in Somerset 2011 – 2013 Scaping the Land is a project I initiated in 2011. It is an exploration of different sites/ landscapes in Somerset. I am creating a performance response to each site … Read more



Solo performance 2003 – 2006 Slippage is a vehicle; the work is to track the developing hybrid, which will grow from the many local, national and international performances of Slippage. These performances are structured to change and respond to each … Read more

Intimate Strangers 1983-1991

In 1983, formed ‘Intimate Strangers’ with Paul Roylance, a performance company committed to developing work in collaboration with a range of art practitioners. Received funding support from the Arts Council and South West Arts Created 5 major touring works – … Read more