Palace intrusions 2006 – 2008

Palace Intrusions

Palace Intrusions was a year-long public arts project produced by Artmusic. It was curated by composer Helen Ottaway and performance artist Melanie Thompson. The project took take place in Wells, Somerset, with monthly events and arts interventions, called Benchmarks, beginning in October 2007 and culminating in a spectacular site-specific performance … Read more

Scallop project 1999-2000

Scallop Project

1 year residency in small Somerset village and in collaboration with artist /doctor Jane Hazlewood. Received local and Millennium funding. Final event September 30th 2000 Chillington, Somerset. Brief description of the Residency A three phase project, beginning and ending in the small Somerset village of Chillington, with the central theme … Read more

Zwillinge Project 1992 – 1996

Zwillinge Project

In July 1992 Melanie began working with Kirsten Lavers (Installation artist) on a series of site-specific Live Art works. Their collaboration was called The Zwillinge Project. Zwillinge is the German word for twins. The Zwillinge Project made 10 episodes / performances in response to a variety of sites, ranging from … Read more

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