Melanie ThompsonI am a bit of a magpie; I am open to regarding everything as potentially useful, the work is always process based.

I originally trained as a dancer and a physical theatre actress and then moved into performance art and installation and public art practice.

Through all my recent work there are 3 constants:

  1. Collaboration – This is often with other art and non-art practitioners as well as the audience/visitors and the chosen place.
  2. Site-specific response – This has become key to developing my creative practice, the site / location is often the catalyst for the work.
  3. Performance – when I talk about performance I am not just referring to my role in the work but the performic nature of the events I create.

Recently they have become more like interventions, actions that cut through everyday life.

My work has never followed a conventional career path as such; there have been many commissions but I also have initiated most projects, which have then been then funded locally or by the Arts Council.

Other things I do

  • I cook well –  I  often use food and drink in my work
  • I can drive – I have choreographed a series of works around cars
  • I can cycle  – I love my bike, but I am also really interested in creating  travelling installations, stuff with wheels (see Palace intrusions and B-side Festival)
  • I can organize parties – ‘special events’ anywhere for anyone with imagination
  • I can sort out anyones wardrobe – what we choose to wear and when has always been a passion and has always been an important factor in my work
  • I can redesign someone’s house – interior design could have been another career, but it became installation, objects and space and colour
  • I can dance like a demon – all my past work has been body based the act of dancing can be very powerful
  • I have been a life model since I was 17 – I can be totally still for up to an hour (see Still Life)

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