Viral texts blog part 2

Melanie Thompson - Viral Texts (installation, 2020)

Now 5 weeks into this process. Learning a lot about taking my time with creating the most honest and relevant responses. Beginning to talk to others about their thoughts and how to articulate that in the simple text statements. Enjoying … Read more

Sardinia – May 2013

This was an interesting process for me. I was ill in bed with labyrinthitis when I got an email inviting me to a small performance art festival in Sardinia. Because, as always, they wanted information and images immediately I sent … Read more

Film installation

Just created a film installation in Glastonbury Abbey with 3 projectors back projecting  onto 3 windows. It was part of a festival called Orchestra in the Field exploring lots of different music in the Abbeys grounds over 2 days. I … Read more

Seville April 2012


Visited Seville on my way back from visiting a friend in Cadiz. I have never been to Seville before and always wanted to visit when the orange blossom was out in between Easter and the next fiesta. It was stunning ! … Read more