Nothing is what it seems to be – blog

Nothing is what it seems to be - Melanie Thompson

A site specific performance A homage to the Zigzag building and Francesca Woodman. The starting point for this performance was the specific space located on the top floor of the Zig Zag building. I created a dance / film work … Read more

Inexterior – blog

InExterior - Melanie Thompson and Rebecca Camilleri

I have always wanted to visit Mexico. I grew up reading Carlos Castaneda’s books about shamanism and then continued to devour any Mexican writer I could find who was writing in the form of magical realism. My chance finally came … Read more

Loss – blog

Loss - Melanie Thompson

The Loss installation I have created for the gallery is the start of a much bigger project investigating the experience of Loss. I wrote for visitors to the installation – Due to the shared experience of the pandemic many of … Read more

Talk – Creativity what is it and why do we need it?

Introduce myself – interdisciplinary artist / arts lecturer At the beginning of talk ask everyone to close eyes and imagine a place where they feel safe or and stimulated or and free or and satisfied. Before talk  Ask everybody to take … Read more

Viral texts blog part 2

Melanie Thompson - Viral Texts (installation, 2020)

Now 5 weeks into this process. Learning a lot about taking my time with creating the most honest and relevant responses. Beginning to talk to others about their thoughts and how to articulate that in the simple text statements. Enjoying … Read more

Viral texts blog part 1

Melanie Thompson - Viral Texts (installation, 2020)

It is the start of 2nd week of ‘lockdown’ in the UK and now finally feeling able to begin to respond to what I and millions of others find ourselves in. Last year I created a work called Wildedges which … Read more

Italian Workshop 2015

Performance Writing & Landscape Workshop August 27th – 31st   2015 led by Melanie Thompson in Mantua, Northern Italy See link for full information: Italian P.W Workshop


Been away for a while. Took a well earned sabbatical year from teaching in institutions from Feb 2014 to Feb 2015. In that year started to study cello. Travelled to Italy and Mallorca for hot sea and sand and sun … Read more

Sardinia – May 2013

This was an interesting process for me. I was ill in bed with labyrinthitis when I got an email inviting me to a small performance art festival in Sardinia. Because, as always, they wanted information and images immediately I sent … Read more