Nothing is what it seems to be

Nothing is what it seems to be - Melanie Thompson

A site specific live performance  A homage to the Zig Zag building and photographer Francesca Woodman.  On three consecutive evenings Melanie Thompson and Grace Surma presented an immersive performance on the top floor of the warehouse building in Glastonbury. Composer Joseph Hyde created … Read more

Where Do We Go From Here?

Melanie Thompson - solo show

Solo exhibition at heart of the tribe galleryGlastonbury Somerset UK, April 12th – May 4th  I am not trying to answer this question in this exhibition I just feel it is important to ask it at this time. We find ourselves … Read more

Empathetic Shoes

Melanie Thompson - empathetic shoes

This work came about as a direct result of the lockdown.I was originally going to be opening my solo exhibition in the Heart of the Tribe gallery on the 1st of Feb till the 23rd Feb and the title of the show … Read more

Viral Texts

Melanie Thompson - Viral Texts (installation, 2020)

Viral texts is my way to respond and deal with the impact of the virus and lockdown.I have located it in my front garden because as an artist I need to share and question.I feel we are all going through … Read more

Wild Edges

Wild Edges

A site specific/ relational project – wildedges is an ongoing project based in a walled orchard in Somerset. Phase 1 An initial year of research, responding to the changing seasons. Seven short films were created as documentation and an observation … Read more