Viral Texts

Melanie Thompson - Viral Texts (installation, 2020)

Viral texts is my way to respond and deal with the impact of the virus and lockdown.I have located it in my front garden because as an artist I need to share and question.I feel we are all going through … Read more

Wild Edges – May 2019

Melanie Thompson - Wild Edges May 2019

2 week – barn installation 2 week – orchard installation 1 day live events – talks / walks / videos and live music and free somerset apple juice.  

Performing Arts Across

Finished a 3 year project, (November 2017) entitled Performing Arts Across in Denmark exploring the act of collaboration across art disciplines. I was the researcher / documenter. See Facebook page – Performing Arts Across. Here is performing arts across e-book … Read more

bodies of water 2018-2019

Melanie Thompson and Helen Ottaway have been working across multiple arts disciplines all their professional lives. Ten years ago they collaborated on a major public arts project for the bishops Palace in Wells. Now in this reunion the two … Read more

Wild Edges

Wild Edges

A site specific/ relational project – wildedges is an ongoing project based in a walled orchard in Somerset. Phase 1 An initial year of research, responding to the changing seasons. Seven short films were created as documentation and an observation … Read more

Remembering and Forgetting

Melanie Thompson

Two solo performances Melanie Thompson from the U.K ( interdisciplinary artist) and Bjarne Sandborg from Denmark (director of Refleksion Theatre) have been investigating the nature of the solo performance. Both practitioners have been making work for over 30 years internationally. … Read more