Viral texts blog part 2

Now 5 weeks into this process. Learning a lot about taking my time with creating the most honest and relevant responses. Beginning to talk to others about their thoughts and how to articulate that in the simple text statements. Enjoying having time to change the old Wild Edges texts to new texts. Slowly painting out the old texts and seeing them disappear into black and adding new pencil lines to create new shapes and meaning. Then the pleasure of filling in with white and going back and forth between positive and negative, black and white, black and white, until it is balanced and I feel the letters move from just shape to meaning. I am quite dyslexic so I see words as abstract shape first then meaning comes from the act of transcribing.

Texts so far – I WANT TO CHANGE / I NEED TO LISTEN / I AM LIKE YOU / I AM FRAGILE / I NEED OTHERS and the next one will be I WANT TO LET GO.