Scaping the Land

A series of site specific  interventions in Somerset 2011 – 2013

Scaping the Land is a project I initiated in 2011. It is an exploration of different sites/ landscapes in Somerset.

I am creating a performance response to each site I chose and then filming it. The films will then be projected in another site with the same performers responding to it and the new site live. ( see blog)

In September 2012  I created a work for the Rural life Museum in Glastonbury. I commissioned a composer Huw Webb to create a sound  score responding to the sound archives ( Somerset voices collected over the last 50 years by volunteers) I also invited two performers to work for a month with me to create a short performance which would be part of an installation of 3 projectors showing Scaping the Land 2 and 3 films. The installation ran for 2 days and there were 5 performances over a third day.

In May 2013 I was invited to a festival in Sardinia where I have created a solo show called ‘ I am Island ‘ where I am looking at what it is to live on an island and also be an island. I am using Scaping the land 3 as part of the performance.See Blog for films and updates.

All Scaping the Land photographs taken by Paul Roylance.