Remembering and Forgetting

Two solo performances

Melanie Thompson from the U.K ( interdisciplinary artist) and Bjarne Sandborg from Denmark (director of Refleksion Theatre) have been investigating the nature of the solo performance. Both practitioners have been making work for over 30 years internationally.

Their collaboration has involved practical experiments in creating self devised performance material and then using their shared interdisciplinary skills to construct two quite different languages within solo performances.

Melanie’s starting point has been the medium of film and remembering and Bjarne’s has been creating stories through objects, light and his body and forgetting.

The two performances will happen on the same evening connected by a short film that was especially created in collaboration with Deadbeat Films where the two performers meet.

Both shows will be playing from the 3rd October to the 7th October 2018 at Teater Refleksion in Aarhus Denmark. And then will be touring in May and October 2019.